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Welcome! This is Ibtkar.

Our Vision

To be the leading service provider of visual creativity and software solutions, using cutting-edge tools and technologies, in each community, society and country we serve in.

Our Mission

To provide the community of Qatar the best services and solution in visual creativity and Software development, that helps individuals and firms achieving their career goals and be the connecting bridge between them and their Strategic objectives. By using the latest technology and tools in design, photography, videography and software development we aim to deliver the best customer experience. with Ibtkar, people imaginations become solid real.

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Why choose Us

Ibtkar is a company established with true passion to deliver the top services to all our clients, we take care to attract the best talents to deliver the outstanding. All our company team members are present in-house in Doha-Qatar, and all the services provided by us are complementary to each other which differentiate Ibtkar among other competitors in the market.

What you get

We promise to deliver an extremely comfortable customers services to our current and future clients. Aiming to help you reach your objective career goals and turn your imaginations into reality, we aim to provide you the best deliverables based on your needs and wants enhanced by the support you will get all the way.

Our Team

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