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“A Video without a storyboard is like a house without a foundation.” ― Han Lung

In Ibtkar we are certain of the impact of video producing and video advertising in all businesses and trades. Regardless of any industry, based in our experience and research it shows how video advertising is related directly to sales and many different objectives.

In our videography section, the team is skilled to produce a video advertising and explaining your product, service or shop that represent you and your vision.

We believe video advertising and promoting build the trust between the company and the customers, it has an impact on how the customer position your company and what perception does your firm have in the minds of the customers.

As the market shifts and advertising tools change, video advertising and promoting still getting better and growing more, it keeps targeting the client’s vision which is the most dominant sense.

Ibtkar is happy to serve you in video producing, advertising and promoting to achieve one of your strategic objectives, whether it was brand awareness, steps explanation, product or service description or targeting you segment market.

Video advertising is one of the strongest tools that ibtkar is proud of, it’s a true investment for the future based on what quality you desire to your business.

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